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The Sustainability Commitments Charter

The Charter defines the University’s sustainability objectives with a five-year horizon (2018-2022), correlating scientific-technological innovation and management methods, objectives and measures to be implemented, with particular attention to communication aspects and the involvement of all components of the university community. It represents a beacon capable of guiding the University’s programming and planning and defining the areas of collaboration and cooperation with the institutions.

The document is divided into five lines of action that apply to the different areas in which environmental, social and economic sustainability is expressed (resources, environment and energy, mobility and transport, well-being, inclusion, equal opportunities, education) and to transversal areas such as joining national and international networks, research, enhancement of cultural heritage, sharing of knowledge and good practices with the territory, communication, monitoring and reporting.

The Charter also formalises the University’s efforts to combat climate change. The document is the basis for the planning of numerous energy efficiency actions and interventions aimed at reducing emissions related to institutional, teaching and research activities.

The trajectories outlined in the Charter are reflected in the objectives set out in the Integrated Performance Plan, which has a three-year horizon, and in the planning and assessment tools through which the University reports to its stakeholders.