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The Sustainability Commitments Charter

The Charter of Commitments defines the University’s sustainability goals for a five-year period (2023-2027), linking scientific-technological innovation and management methods, objectives and measures to be implemented, with a focus on communication and the involvement of all members of the university community. It is a beacon capable of guiding the University’s programming and planning, and of defining areas of collaboration and cooperation with institutions.

The document is divided into four lines of action that apply to the different areas in which environmental, social and economic sustainability are expressed (i.e., resources, environment and energy, mobility and transport, welfare and equal opportunities, inclusion and social justice, education and training), and to cross-cutting areas, such as membership of national and international networks, research, third mission and good practice, communication, monitoring and reporting.

The 2023-2027 Commitment Charter integrates with the University’s planning documents on social sustainability, such as the Gender Equality Plan and the C.U.G. Positive Action Plan.
It also integrates with the Energy Plan adopted as part of the consumption and emission containment measures envisaged in compliance with the Ministry of Ecological Transition’s (MITE) Ministerial Decree 383 of 6 October 2022, and the “National Plan for Containing Natural Gas Consumption”, in the context of the energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Finally, the alignment with the Strategic Guidelines 2022-2027 and the connection with the Integrated Business and Organisation Plan, which will annually decline its actions into strategic objectives, were ensured.


The 2023-2027 Sustainability Commitments Charter will soon also be available in English. Here you can find the Italian document.