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Wellness and Sport

The well-being and health of people who study and work at the University of Padua are at the center of a series of initiatives, projects, services and activities that also involve the territory and aim to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. This area is an integral part of the University’s strategy for sustainable development and includes actions for wellness and physical health, psychological support services, welfare initiatives and political networking actions.

Sport and wellness for students

The University is committed to encouraging and supporting the participation of students in sports activities, important both for physical health and for social and relational well-being. It invests, in particular, in supporting athletes who are trying to reconcile a competitive sports career with their studies, through the Dual Career program. It also proposes innovative initiativesto promote healthy and environmentally friendly habits.

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Initiatives for staff

A number of initiatives have been organized with the aim of improving the wellbeing of staff, including free yoga, tai chi chuan, qui gong and postural gymnastics courses, a University Corporate Wellness service, as well as discounts on services and activities for work-life balance.

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With the territory, for the whole community

The University of Padua promotes wellness and sports initiatives and events open to the entire academic community and all citizenswith the aim of promoting and encouraging physical activity and spreading the culture of wellness and sport. With this in mind, it is committed to networking actions at national and international level, adhering to and actively participating in network initiatives also in the field of wellness and sport.

It also promotes and encourages territorial initiatives that are beneficial to the academic community in the field of health and sports.

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