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Inclusion and social justice

By adopting the Charter of Sustainability Commitments, the University has reaffirmed its commitment to spreading an inclusive culture, valuing heterogeneity and diversity and promoting full participation in academic life for all members of the university community. As part of the Inclusive University project, it organises training and information initiatives, participates in and promotes networksat national and international level and carries out concrete actions to build an increasingly inclusive university environment.

Resources and support for students with disabilities or learning difficulties

Thanks to the efforts made over the years to create a custom support system for each stage of the university career – from admission tests to entry into the world of work – the number of students with disabilities and specific learning disabilities who chooses the University of Padua for their studies has been in constant increase. The University is at the forefront in the study and dissemination of increasingly effective solutions for inclusive teaching and for the accessibility of all services, to ensure a satisfactory university course and a quality future for all.

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Resources and support for staff with disabilities

Several initiatives have been launched to promote the participation, sense of belonging and working wellbeing of staff with disabilities. In addition to support to ensure participation in events, meetings, training courses and other initiatives, personalised skills development, periodic monitoring and mapping of needs for the design of new services and initiatives are promoted.

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The international dimension of reception and inclusion

The University of Padua is also committed to the international reception of people with asylum-seeker status and people fleeing their countries through its own initiatives, but also by participating in national and international calls and networks. The projects active in this field are aimed at both students and teachers, researchers, in the belief that higher education and academic life represent an important tool for inclusion.

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